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A few thoughts and ideas for clean water ponds and alternative set-ups.

Although the Jump Jet system is unique among water features it has one major thing in common with all fountains, water falls and all other types of water feature; which is a need for clean water.

To the right we have showcased some experimental setups and we would love to create a gallery of your own creations.

Please send your photos with details of your location (village, town or city) to cb@jumpjet-ltd.com. For large files please use Dropbox or similar software.


A simple example of how you might build a temporary clean water pond for your Jump Jet system

garden water feature base

Flat surface

A dedicated clean water supply is the ideal way to get the best out of your Jump Jet system.

A level base is essential, the picture shows a patio but decking or similar would do just as well.

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Pond base

Your pond should ideally be a minimum 1.2m x 1.2m (4′ x 4′).

You can use 4 x 1.2 lengths of 800mm x 50mm rough sawn timber.

Alternatively, non-mortared concrete blocks can be used.

water feature materials

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3 diaginal by Pythagorus

Diagonal by Pythagoras

Build your base in a square, checking that both diagonals are equal for a perfect square.

If you are interested in checking your measurements you might remember that the Pythagoras theorem states: The square of the hypotenuse (longest side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other 2 sides.

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Corner brackets

If building in wood, fix each corner with corner brackets as shown

As the pressure from the water in a shallow pond should not be particularly great, if you build using concrete blocks you shouldn’t need to use mortar to fix the blocks.

garden water feature brackets





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5 sides and liner





Pond liner or visquene

Line the base with pond liner or, as shown in the picture, 1000 grade visquene.

Ensure that you have enough liner to fit over the edge of the base.

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Filling the pond

Fill the pond to a level that covers the intake of your pump by about 50mm.

Over time (in dry periods) you will need to top up the water level to ensure the pump intakes are still covered.

6 liner in place




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Your pond base is now ready for the installation of your Jump Jet water feature.