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Unique Jumping Jets

These garden Jumping Jets are unbeatable value with everything you need for a unique water feature.  It is attractive enough to stand alone or can be the center point of a larger landscape setting.  This design is exclusive to Jump Jet Ltd. Other designs are available, however they are much larger, costing several thousands pounds and require professional installation.

Unique Jumping JetsAs the body of water is small, it is easy to maintain and keep clean with the kit and instructions that are provided.  The sides of the pond are Tanlised timber for extended life and come with a green stain finish with brown corner posts (as in the images). They can be supplied unstained if you would prefer to choose your own colour.  Once set up, this water feature shoots laminar jets of water which look like perfect shards of glass floating through the air. You can set the angle of the nozzles so the jets land in the middle of the pond or shoot into the four corners – or in any way your imagination can conjure!

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This system comprises of:

water feature close up– A free standing (no digging required) pond, which can be constructed in minutes and just as quickly taken down and stored away for winter

– A pump and all the piping required for your Jump Jets

– 4 nozzles with a control box

– A maintenance kit with instructions for looking after your new water feature

– Free Postage and Packing

– 2 Years Guarantee

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Price £269.99 with free postage and packing

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Unique Jumping Jets Kit

This garden Jumping Jet system is the only affordable way to bring Dancing Water / Jumping Jets to your garden at a reasonable price. Other systems that are available but they cost thousands of pounds, require a large ponds, additional filtration and a specialist to install.

This kit, however, allows you to create your own Jumping Jet water feature at a fraction of the cost. Whether in an existing pond or in individual containers such as large clay urns, large planters , large terracotta or plastic plant pots it just depends on your imagination.

Unique jumping jets kitContents

  • Fountain heads – 4 x black nylon plastic nozzles with stainless steel fittings and 4 push fit hose connectors
  • Controls – Weather tight control box with 15v power supply and cabling
  • Fittings – Hose pipe connectors to divide the flow from the pump into 4

Price £ 169.99 with free P&P.

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Three In One

A small compact water feature with more action than much larger and more expensive water features on the market. Comprising of two arched jets flowing over an umbrella effect fountain all in its own dedicated mini pond. Again this is unique to Jump Jet Ltd.

Three in one Jump JetContents

  • Pond – 4 tanalised timber sides with pond liner insert
  • 1 umbrella effect fountain
  • Fountain head – 2 black nylon plastic nozzles with stainless steel fittings plus 1400 L/H pump
  • Fittings – Hose pipe and connectors

Price £ 99.99 with free P&P.