Your questions answered about JumpJet garden water features

1. Trouble-shooting

My JumpJets aren't working - why?


What if a nozzle blocks up ?


2. Electrical Setup

Can the power supply/transformer be kept outside?


How long is the electricity cable?


Is the electricity cable dangerous?


Where should I position with control box?


How many jets are there per kit?


How long is the cable for each jet from the control box?


Do you have a summary of the electrical set up?


3. Setting up the jets

How are the jets held in place?


How do I fix the jets permanently?


How do I connect the hose?


Do you have a summary of how to set up the water flow?


What do I need in addition to my JumpJet kit?


4. Pond water feature

I have a pond, where do I position the jets in the pond?

See where we position the jets in a pond.

In a pond, how far do I angle the JumpJets when in the water?

View the positioning of the JumpJets when in water. DO NOT SUBMERGE THE NOZZLES.

If I have a pond, do I need a filter system or filter pump?

Ideally yes as the cleaner the water, the better the results.

5. Gravel water feature

If installing the Jump Jets in a gravel bed what sort of gravel can I use?

It is possible to get clean decorative gravel/ pebbles from DIY stores or some of the web based outlets this is normally clean and ready to use. However if you are using gravel from a builders merchants/depot then this contains an amazing amount of fine sand/silt and general debris it will need washing through several times and if possible putting through a garden sieve.

I have a gravel bed, how do I ensure clean water?

Rinse the gravel thoroughly - preferable sieve the gravel to remove all sand and small particles.

6. Maintenance

If installing the Jump Jets in its own dedicated water supply, how can I keep this water free from algae?

There are quite a few products available from DIY stores or web based outlets that when added to the water help to suppress their growth, for example, Fountain Safe, Banish Feature Clear, Fountain Frost Free.

How do I check the nozzles are clean?

To open the nozzle for cleaning, use the hexagonal key to remove the 4 hexagonal bolts in the head of the nozzle, pull off the head remove the filters and inner tubes wash through and replace.

Do I need to do anything in winter?

We recommend you remove as much as the system as possible as freezing water may cause damage.